Interview with Thomas Milholt, Rossini biographer

A few years ago, a Danish biography of Rossini, “Manden Bag Masken”  was published by Aarhus University Press. We were contacted by the author and invited him to participate in an interview excerpts of which we bring you… Read More

A profile of director Marco Carniti

Rossini America is back after a LONG intermission!

Introducing Serena Farnocchia aka Boston’s Elisabetta

Farnocchia performed with Alberto Zedda, so her Rossini experience is first class.

Angela Meade talks Rossini

Angela Meade delighted the audience at the Rossini Opera Festival. We’re delighted she talked with us about Rossini!

Interview with American Baritone Dean Murphy

Dean Murphy, the rising American star, talks with us about singing at the ROF’s Accademia Rossiana and the baritone life.

Interview with clarinetist and “Fidelio” podcaster Marie Ross

The acclaimed musician shares her knowledge of the evolution of the clarinet, what’s involved in playing a historical instrument, why playing Rossini is different from other operas, and what drew her to the instrument she loves. Insightful, intelligent, and passionate!

Interview with Stage Director Rosetta Cucchi

In operatic staging you need to listen to the music, it tells you what to do,

Some thoughts from Daniela Barcellona about Petite Messe Solennelle

Daniela Barcellona returned to ROF to participate in the finale of this year’s Festival

Lisette Oropesa spoke with Rossini America prior to her ROF debut

The superstar soprano talks about what it’s like to sing Rossini, the differences between Bellini, Donizetti, and Rossini – and more!

American tenor, Randall Bills on his experience with R&Z

The acclaimed tenor shares his thoughts on performing Ricciardo e Zoraide, what it’s like to sing Rossini, the joys and comedy inherent in being a professional in the opera world, and more!