Callas 100

The “Ma” heard round the world.

From the ROF newsletter with updates

Update on the event at the Italian embassy in NYC on Nov 27th. “The ROF will present the project Cenerentola #25 on Monday 27 November at 6 pm at the Italian Consulate in New York, hosted by Consul… Read More

Interview with Levy Sekgapane, Boston’s prince

Cenerentola gets a prince she deserves!

Promoting Rossini

“There is nothing in music quite like Rossini.” Patrick Summers, Artistic and Music Director, Houston Grand Opera

ROF 2024

Start dreaming of ROF 2024.

Ferretti and Rossini’s gift to us

It is not just Rossini’s music that lifts our spirits, but Ferretti’s words which he gave to Alidoro. The  text is often overlooked because the music is so sublime and perhaps also  because translations are inadequate. This should give us all hope, whether or not we are the “fanciulla” Alidoro adresses. ( click to view)

Dec 25: Looking to the future

Our final gift is the best seats in the house for this historic concert

Dec 24: It doesn’t get more festive than this!

Dec 23: Clarinet variations by Rossini himself

Dec 22: Will Isabella be home for Christmas?

We are so lucky to have her sing for us no matter where she is!