Why Rossini, you might ask? We did! Here are some responses (Part 1)

The King of England bowed to Rossini… our tribute is more modest. Click here for tributes!

Scholars, artists, and appassionisti weigh in on “Why Rossini” (Part 2)

More responses to “Why Rossini?”

Happy Birthday Rossini!

A birthday gift for Rossini!

You are invited to a wedding,March 8, 9 & 10

For the past decade, Opera Southwest in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been dedicated to bringing the Rossini’s works to the stage. La cambiale di matrimonio is our eighth such offering, and the beginning of a new cycle, exploring… Read More

Semiramide: an editorial discovery!

The discovery of the stage band score for Semiramide happened here. Read the first hand account by one of the people who made it.

The final discs in this series are about to be released

This collection comprised of 21 first recordings marks a milestone in Rossini discography. The first of the new recordings will be presented in April. The pianist will also present them at the Casa Rossini in Pesaro. We will… Read More

What are they saying about Semiramide?

Semiramide is returning to the Metropolitan Opera. Read Chris Merritt’s memories of the historic 1990 performances in the News section.

The Friends of the Rossini Opera Festival celebrates its 10th birthday

And what better way than with appearances at ROF 2018 of Daniela Barcelona and Juan Diego Florez, two members of the Honorary Board at ROF 2018 !

Tributes to Philip Gossett

The passing of Professor Philip Gossett, earlier this year, brought tributes and acclamation in the numerous obituaries that were published shortly after his death. We invited some of the many scholars, artists, and students who worked with Professor Gossett over the years to share some of their memories.

Tributes to Alberto Zedda

The passing of Alberto Zedda earlier this year was an incredible loss to the international Rossini community. Those who did not have the chance to know or work with Maestro Zedda may get an idea of the magnitude of the loss from the following tributes and recollections which we have gathered here…