Rossini Opera Festival dedicates 40th anniversary festival to Bruno Cagli and Montserrat Caballé

This year, the Rossini Opera Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary.

In a nod to its storied history the directors of the Festival are dedicating it to Montserrat Caballé and Bruno Cagli. Caballé is of course a legendary figure in the opera world, while Cagli is less known outside Italy. However Cagli’s impact on the Rossini Renaissance is formidable.

Gianfranco Mariotti who is himself a crucial figure in guiding Rossini’s out of obscurity commented about this dedication: “Bruno Cagli was an absolute protagonist of the Rossini Renaissance and the last member of the legendary Triad of the Rossini Foundation. I shared with Bruno, inside and outside the ROF, the whole long adventure of the rediscovery of the forgotten Rossini and I lived with him over the years joys and sorrows, disappointments and successes. I remember him with affection and nostalgia.”

The present president of the Rossini Opera Festival, Daniele Vimini, observed : “From the beginning Bruno Cagli was a fundamental figure in the rediscovery of Gioachino Rossini’s musical heritage, both as a member of the Editorial Board of the Rossini Foundation (with Alberto Zedda and Philip Gossett) He was also, for a year, an artistic consultant of the ROF before the arrival of Alberto Zedda, after which he dedicated all his unparalleled expertise to the Rossini Foundation.”