Rossini flash mobini

The Metroplitain Opera’s Rossini “double header” on Saturday October 29th presented a unique opportunity for Rossini fans to show their love for Rossini and their appreciation to the Met for FINALLY mounting William Tell and presenting “L’Italiana in Algerie” in an exquisite production with a fabulous cast.

So, we got to work. The idea for a “flash mob” was born and we printed up posters, had our fliers ready, got some great volunteers to participate, including Sean Kelley who agreed to conduct the motley crowd in some Rossini singing. Nicola Alaimo and Marianna Pizzolato generously agreed to stop by on their way to their dressing rooms before the evening performance.

What could go wrong?

Well, many of you may have read that the “flash mob” turned into an “ash” mob ( we won’t comment) resulting in the cancellation of the final act of Tell ( now THAT’s tragic) and greatly reduced number of participants in our event. But, the ones that remained made up for the loss with their enthusiasm.

Pictured above are Richard Beams and Charles Jernigan longtime members of the Friends,the legendary Fred Plotkin who is a Rossini lover par excellence! and Dana Petina ( who tweets as @ DanaRossini)a great Rossini activist!

When L’Italiana was canceled as well it was clear that our singers wouldn’t show.

Thanks to all for their support!

Fortunately not all was lost. Rossini may have “died” but Verdi had a requiem ready for us the following day. Our beloved Daniela Barcellona along with a superb group of soloists and the orchestra and chorus of the London Symphony Orchestra under Noseda revived our spirits.

Later Daniela Barcellona helped lift our sprits at an informal get-together!

We did not even need Limoncello after that!

It was a historic weekend at Lincoln center with ROF well-represented both via Friends who attended performances and Accademia alumni who performed or were present in NYC. Now we only have to wait 9 months for ROF 2017.

PS Maybe we should have taken a hint from the Wagnerians and staged our event on the subway! At least it would have been a shorter ride!img_0400