Dec 6: A lesson scene like no other

Alberto Zedda was asked his opinion of “trunk arias”, those that singers elect to insert in operas where they otherwise do not belong. There was much discussion, but he said ” of course if the singer is Marilyn Horne she should sing whatever she wishes!” The audience apparently agreed.



Dec 5: An unstaged Tancredi duet

Jennifer Larmore is an internationally known Rossini singer. Her partner in this duet is the luminous Hei-Kyung Hong, who primarily appeared at the Metropolitan Opera.

Dec 4: Not only d’amore

Rossini’s Armida probably achieved its post-war ( WWII, that is) popularity on the basis of the spectacular soprano aria “D’amore al dolce impero”. But the opera cannot live by d’amore alone. It takes 3 superb tenors to do it justice. Here, from a legendary concert performance in Amsterdam, at about minute 17, the remarkable Bruce Ford leads the way.

BTW Ford offered an explanation of why he was not wearing a tux. Those who travel a lot by air can probably guess.

Dec 3: Rossini’s most mysterious opera

Ermione seems to defy all conventional categories; it’s unlikely we’ll see a performance that matches this one any time soon.  Video quality shows its age, but the performance by Rockwell Blake is surely worth it.

Dec 2 : Inspired by Rossini’s father?

Rossini’s father was a horn player, perhaps the composer was inspired by playing he heard at home? Many thanks to the Danish music writer and lecturer, Henrik Engelbrecht for this link. Engelbrecht, a Danish author and lecturer was the inspiration for our musical advent calendar; a few years ago he featured one with tenors which was a pure delight.

Dec 1: An overture like no other

In Rossini’s day people  often became familiar with his works through piano adaptations  played in a home. Czerny arranged this masterpiece but not likely for a performance in a private home! You may spot some pianists you recognize!



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Interview with American Baritone Dean Murphy

American singers have been infrequent participants in the Accademia Rossiniana, but this summer a delightful young baritone, Dean Murphy, a Boston area native, was there and became an audience favorite in his two appearances in the ever popular “Il Viaggio a Reims”. Dean graciously offered to answer some questions for us about his background and career. Read More

Website for Alberto Zedda – legendary Rossini conductor and scholar

Fans of Rossini know the name Alberto Zedda. Those who are unfamiliar and interested in Rossini should find out more about the man and how much he contributed to the music world.

Now there’s a website where all can learn more. Text (in Italian – use google translate if needed), photos, audios – it’s a wonderful tribute.

Interview with clarinetist and “Fidelio” podcaster Marie Ross

Marie Ross, whose popular Fidelio Podcast may be known to some ARS members, graciously agreed to take time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions related to her passion for original instruments, Rossini, and her career in general. The episodes of the Podcast are eclectic. Of particular interest is her “My year of living dangerously, 4 Rossini operas in one year”. Read More