Dec 15: Numero Quindici

The American Rossini Society gets the inspiration for its logo from Figaro ( who is everywhere). So it’s fitting to feature a passage from this legendary duet on this date. No North American artists, but one singer is from Peru ( before his time!)

Dec 14: Chris Merritt honors Rossini

New York City went all out to celebrate the Rossini bicentenary. Chris Merritt was one of the artists who made it possible.

Dec 13: Magical flute variations

Although Rossini did not write these variations (Chopin did)  they serve to show what a master of melody he really was. James Galway does them justice.

Dec 12: When the scenery almost melted at the Met

No, there wasn’t a danger of a real fire, but when June Anderson and Sam Ramey took on Semiramide and Assur, there was a tension that made the audience sit back in their seats!!!


Dec 11: The Ory staging dilemma

The final trio of Le comte Ory is tricky to stage. With the help of three first rate singers, the Metropolitan Opera was able to do justice to one of the most sublime interludes written by Rossini. Wonder how it was staged in Rossini’s day?

Dec 10: An American Cenerentola in a classic production

This lovely production by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle,a director who truly understood the beauty of Rossini is still in revival today. Here the much-loved Federica von Stade stars.


Dec: 9 Matilde from Texas

The final rondo from “Matilde di Shabran” by an American singer who many may not know is from Texas.


Dec 8: Rossini’s mother to the rescue

Legend has it ( and it’s reinforced in the wonderful movie ‘Rossini Rossini”) that Rossini’s father was so captivated by the voice and fame of the super-star castrato, Velluti¬† that he hinted that such a future might be advantageous for the young Gioachino. Apparently Mama vetoed this idea.

Dec 7: Golden wings

Sometimes the Metropolitan Opera gets it right. It’s hard to believe that a bit of Rossini’s credo ( if he had one) does not reside in this aria of Alidoro. Pisaroni fortunately has not retired this role.. fits him like a glove.

Dec 6: A lesson scene like no other

Alberto Zedda was asked his opinion of “trunk arias”, those that singers elect to insert in operas where they otherwise do not belong. There was much discussion, but he said ” of course if the singer is Marilyn Horne she should sing whatever she wishes!” The audience apparently agreed.