The Accademia Rossiniana 2014 concluded on July 18th

Florez master classThe ROF’s Academia Rossiniana – a two week total immersion in Rossini singing – concluded on the 18th of July with a concert in the Teatro Sperimentale in Pesaro. The school has students selected from around the world studying under the direction of Alberto Zedda with the participation of the head of ROF, Gianfranco Marioti, as well as some of the stage directors and artists involved in this season’s operas.

This year, one of the highlights was a master class given by Juan Diego Florez.

Selected  graduates will appear in two performances of Il Viaggio in Reims in the Teatro Rossini on August 13th and 16th.

Read the full release at the Rossini Opera Festival website.

Americans have long been an important part of the Rossini Opera Festival

photoAmericans have been part of the fabric of the Rossini Opera Festival from the beginning. Artists such as Samuel Ramey, Marilyn Horne, June Anderson, Chris Merritt, Rockwell Blake, Renee Fleming, and Bruce Ford are some of the best known. In recent years Joyce DiDonato, Lawrence Brownlee, Jennifer Larmore, and Amanda Forsythe have brought their talents to Pesaro.
This year, Americans Micheal Spyres and Will Crutchfield will be part of  Aureliano in Palmyra in its first performances based on the recently completed critical edition. Spyres and Crutchfield were part of the team that presented Ciro in Babylonia at ROF 2012. They were joined by Jessica Pratt and Ewa Podles. Pratt will be starring in Aureliano, and Podles will be giving a concert at the Teatro Rossini during the Festival.
The stars always seem to align in Pesaro.

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