ROF’s Messa di Gloria, September 18 on Rai3

Messa di Gloria, along with two cantatas, all rarely performed, will be broadcast on, September 18, at 20:30 Italian time (4:30 ET). Hopefully you will have the opportunity to listen in even though we know it is difficult because of the awkward time.
This is a fascinating work because as with many Rossini gems it is hard to categorize. The program notes available during the Festival were,as usual both informative and entertaining.One is transported back to a time where there seemed to be a lot of borrowing mischief.

Listen for hints (subtle and not) of fragments that show up later in Rossini’s later works. Among them are “Bianca e Falliero”, “Il Viaggo a Reims”, “Le Comte Ory”, and what is characterized as a pre-echo of “Guillaume Tell”! Indeed there is also some self-borrowing from “Aureliano in Palmira”!! None of this takes away from the enjoyment and beauty of Messa di Gloria.

The cast, pictured in rehearsal ( left to right) includes Dempsey Rivera,Juan Diego Florez,Viktoria Yarovaya, Jessica Pratt and Mirco Palazzi. Andrea Faidutti leads the chorus of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna and the Filarmonica Gioahino Rossini is conducted by Donato Renzetti.

This is a good opportunity to remind visitors to this site, that by becoming a member at the $75 level, you will receive the electronic form of the programs and cast lists for the works of each year’s Festival. A great way to follow along.