ROF’s La Gazza Ladra on “World of Opera” with our gift to you!

The radio series, World of Opera heard on stations throughout the United States will be broadcasting “La Gazza Ladra” during the week of October 17th. For local listings and exact dates and times, please check this link.

This gives Rossini fans in the US the opportunity to listen to these live performances at a time more convenient than those enjoyed by Europeans. No longer will you have to take a VERY LONG LUNCH break at work!!! You can even listen in the car – make sure to roll down the windows so that Rossini can spread throughout the land!

In connection with this event, The Rossini Opera Festival publication department has generously made available the ebook of the program that accompanied these performances in Pesaro. Thanks to Carla Di Carlo’s beautiful editing, you may obtain this program to enhance your enjoyment of the broadcast. Simply send an email to, with the subject line La Gazza Ladra, and we will attach the .pdf file to our reply!!

American,Rene Barbara, is the featured tenor. Check out our interview with him here on our site. Here he is pictured with Nino Machaidze.