Welcome to RossiniAmerica.org!

We are thrilled to launch this website at the start of the Rossini Opera Festival 2014 in Pesaro, Italy, Rossini’s hometown.

Our hope is to create a place where visitors can explore the rich legacy of Rossini and become acquainted with the unique music festival, which bears his name.

We are supported by the American Friends of the Rossini Opera Festival. During this year’s Festival, August 10 -22, we will concentrate primarily on the activities in Pesaro. After the Festival, we will expand our focus to include “all things Rossini” in the United States. It is the mission of the Friends to promote the Festival while at the same time encouraging the broader appreciation of Rossini’s music.

We hope you will participate by leaving comments, alerting us to upcoming Rossini performances in your area, and spreading the word about our activities. We will do our part by creating a space where you can learn about Rossini, about his music, and about the many people who make it come alive.

You are invited to join us by filling on the contact form on this site . You can follow us on Twitter @Rossiniamerica, and you may write for more information info@rossiniamerica.org.

Finally, please consider joining the Friends of the Rossini Opera Festival. By becoming a Friend you will help ensure that Rossini’s cultural legacy will thrive and continue to bring so much enjoyment to the world.

Thank you, and

Welcome again!

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