It’s that time of year

Welcome to our first Rossini advent calendar!

Be sure to see our daily posts in the News section below.

For those who might be unfamiliar with the concept, traditional advent calendars typically have pictures ( seasonal or religious) hidden behind  small numbered “doors”. Some include chocolate or other treats.

Our calendar does not have doors; however we do offer a Rossini treat each day when you come to visit our site. Welcome to those who come here  from Twitter and Facebook; we hope you will return each day until our finale on the 24th. You will find these treats in the NEWS section below.

Our treats are curated this year with a special focus; simply, the contribution of American artists to the rich Rossini heritage which was established during the Rossini Renaissance. Not because American artists are better, not at all, but to demonstrate that in spite of the challenges ( Rossini has never been “big” in the US) these artists believed in this great composer and cultivated him. There will be some  instrumental treats in between.

Shortly after the first of the year we will announce new initiatives as a way to do our part to make sure that Rossini will thrive as we emerge from this difficult period. Perhaps a new Rossini renaissance awaits?